The Girlvana Spring Break Retreat: Day 2


The sun came out on day two, which provided the perfect back drop for breakfast and a morning yoga practice. Before practice, we got in touch with our physical bodies and how they talk to us through sensations we experience like excitement, frustration, nervousness, fear and more. We talked about energy centers in the body called Chakras, what they mean, and how blockages in them can manifest in our lives. It was a big conversation that set the tone for the entire day as we dove deeper into knowing how our bodies can tell us everything we need to know.

Next, Ally Maz led an upbeat and powerful flow class, giving us the space to let go of built-up energy and 'sticky' spots in our bodies that manifest when we aren't our true selves. Journalling after practice gave us the space to write a Vow to our selves, reminding us that our bodies are vessels that carry our souls, our light and our purpose, and to never forget that we are more than our physical form. 

Taking advantage of the sunshine, we layered up and packed everyone into the cars for some fresh air and a view. Windows rolled down, with Rihanna & Adele blaring, we made our way to Mount Galiano. With Jess and the other long legged girl-gazelles leading the way, we charged up the mountain, summiting to a crystal clear view of the southern Gulf Islands. We soaked in the serenity that only nature can provide, and after a couple minutes, the real reason we climbed to the top exposed itself: selfies for all! (Hey, if its not on Instagram it didn't happen...  right?) 

Before our long table dinner of fresh salmon, rice salad and spicy ginger snap cookies fresh out of the oven, Jess talked to us about energetic boundaries and the choice we have around how and what energy we take on, and what experience we create for the people around us.

We ended the night in Cabin 2 putting on face masks, playing games and sharing our stories. A spa night was the cherry on top to a day filled with connection, balance and letting go.