Day Four: Nourished

girlvana yoga and meditation for teen girls
girlvana yoga and meditation for teen girls

Our Girlvana day four started off with us having a filling bowl of yogurt and granola for breakfast, which was so delicious. We then met in the yoga room, where we journaled and had a big conversation about nourishing versus punishing our bodies. We made lists of what habits we were in, to nourish or to punish our bodies and shared one thing from each list with a partner. I shared one of the things on my nourishing list, which was mediation, and one of the things on my punishing list, which was starving mysel

Ally spoke more about nourishing and punishing ourselves. The thing that stood out most for me, was that we have to build a relationship with food. She went into depth about how she had to build a relationship with bread. You probably find this funny that someone has a relationship with bread, we did too. But what she said really spoke to me, about how I have to establish my own relationship with eating; I'll remember these words my whole life.


We then practiced a Feelosophy class, which is a restorative yoga practice with hands-on touch by the mentors Ashley, Lauren and Maddy. After Feelosophy, we had another great meal. Because it was our last night, we then spent some time finishing writing our letters to everyone on the retreat, a Girlvana tradition. We ate dinner, a delicious curry, and met up in the yoga room where the mentors set up a beautiful alter in the middle of our circle.

We read all of the thoughtful letters that everyone wrote us. I will keep these letters and read them on hard days, and I’m so excited to go back to Girlvana next year.


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Feelosophy Yoga Playlist by Ashley Brodeur
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