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Empower Her

We created the Girlvana Scholarship fund to provide access to our programs for as many young women as possible. Through individual and corporate donations Girlvana has been able to offer full and partial assistance for deserving teens to join us on this powerful retreat series. Making a donation to the Girlvana Scholarship fund or Girlvana Foundation (coming soon) as a gift, personal contribution or corporate statement is a powerful way to offer a young woman tangible leadership tools that she can carry with her always. Donation opportunities and a list of current sponsors is included below.


This special gift will send one young woman on a five day retreat full of meditation, mentorship and connection. All activities, transportation, meals and accommodations are included in this package.


This gift covers one full day of the Girlvana retreat experience. 5 days make up a full week package. Day scholarship contributions are pooled into groups of 5 and once complete, are awarded to one of our scholarship applicants for the next upcoming retreat.


All scholarship gifts go directly towards organizing & funding a young woman attending Girlvana Retreats. Available in $25 dollar increments.

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Letters written from our own Girlvana Alumni

Girlvana has changed my life! The first time I went on a retreat was the first time I’ve felt honestly comfortable and confident in myself. I’ve kept coming back because I always end up with a full and healed heart. The friendships I’ve made through girlvana are the most uplifting and joy filled relationships I’ve ever had, relationships that will last a lifetime. The space that Ally and the mentors create is filled with this beautifully safe and connecting energy, and that is what has helped me peel back the layers of shame and doubt to learn who I truly am. Girlvana has given me the tools to rebuild myself the way I want, outside of societal pressures.
— Abby, 17

Girlvana gives me the space to grow, and hold my own. I’ve never felt so much love and support within a community. Everyone is on my team here, and through Girlvana, I have made the deepest, rawest connections that I will always cherish with me. There’s always space for you here, and there’s always someone rooting for you. I am my happiest when I am here, I am my most real when I am here, and I am my most grounded when I am here. Girlvana has changed my life and has given me the strength, support, and love that I wish for every teen girl, and person, out there.
— Emma, 17

Dear Body,
I’m sorry for treating you like a run down motel, like something I feel gross even touching. But you are more than a room I sleep only one night in.
You are my home, a place of safety, sanctuary and pure gratitude
But still, I forget.
Dear Body,
I’m sorry I was convinced I deserved no home when you were there all along.
Me neglecting you was only a product of me being neglected.
And the society that taught me I was only checked into my body for a weekend getaway is the same society that sleeps homeless each night.
Dear Body,
Please hear my cries when I say I love you now,
When I say you are my home in a beautiful neighbourhood with a big backyard and a kitchen made for nourishment.
Dear Body,
I promise I will never leave home again.

thank you


girlvana is deeply grateful to our 2017 sponsors for their incredible support:


get involved

If you would like to host an event or fundraiser with proceeds benefitting the Girlvana Sponsorship Program we’d love to hear from you. Drop us a line at with the details of your event and we’ll be sure to help spread the word.

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