Write a Love Letter To Yourself




This exercise has helped me through almost anything. It's brought me to my knees crying and to my toes with joy. Sometimes it's hard to listen to ourselves when, really, we are the ones who have the words that we need to hear; no one knows you like yourself. Writing a note to yourself but signing it differently can truly sound like a different voice with all the right words. I write mine and sign it off 'Love, The Universe.' Then, I read it once and put it in my wallet or some place I where it can be with me constantly. Whenever I feel lower than low, I read it and get reminded in a way that hits home every time. It's like a gift to yourself or like finding a 5 dollar bill in a pocket of a winter jacket (but full of the most love.)


"Dear Paloma,

We know you have been scared lately. We have said it once and we will say it again; we are watching over you every day and protecting you. 

There is nothing I can stress more than you need to stay now more than you ever have before. Please do not walk away. Trust us when we say that. I know your legs are tired and your heart is hurting more than ever and it's hurting others but don't run away. You are here to learn. You need to stay to learn to love and to love yourself. 

I am sorry you feel sick right now. I promise you some nights feel worse than others. Every time you step outside we send a wind to dry your eyes. Every time my love. Keep looking at the stars and feel small, its important to know you are simple and the stars are too. They aren't going anywhere and neither are you. 

It breaks our hearts that you can't see the beauty you hold. We see it everyday and we are not the only ones. One day you will look into a mirror and love harder than you have ever loved before.

Your mind feels complicated and tangled, but don't listen to it, please don't listen to it when you don't have any room to think. Things are simple, find that simplicity and don't let go. Those are the things that matter the most.

Paloma, don't lose sight of how many miles you have walked. They matter and they show. You have a light that can't and won't burn out. You earned beauty and you need to accept it. 

So, every bumped hip, every slammed toe, every run to the bus, every quiet night, every doubt, every fight, every tear we hold you're heart tight and make sure you are safe. 

We can't promise that it's going to get easier but we can certainly promise you are going to get better at it.

Let your mind run free and fall, we got you. 

Love the universe, forever and always."

Written by: Paloma Lafavor