Girlvana Playlist: Volume 1


The answers are always within reach. It is our job to tune in. Danielle Doby #iamhertribe

Photo: Pinterest

Photo: Pinterest

Yoga, mountains, nature, dancing & music: these are some of the ways I tune in.

Music weaved into yoga allows for the space to move, flow and feel. Time and time again I have witnessed the powerful effect of music; it has the ability to transcend us, to heal us, to shift us. Music is an important part of Girlvana classes, and each playlist is curated with love and intention.

Each month we'll share our playlists with you, so when you need to tune in, you can. And we want to hear what kind of music you love: share with us your favourite #girlvanatunes in the comments below or on your favorite social media channels and we'll be sure to add them onto our next playlist. 

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