Spring Break Retreat ’17: Welcome to Girlvana


Day one is always about simply landing; in a new space, in a new group of soon-to-be friends, in our bodies. We boarded the ferry to sunny Galiano Island. Nervous laughter began to fall away, and deeper conversations formed as the girls started to get to know each other. A delicious lunch was awaiting us as we landed at Bodega Ridge. The girls foraged the land and decorated the yoga space by bringing the outdoors in. After lunch we sat in the afternoon sun, painting and decorating jars for the girls to place love notes to each other in.

girlvana spring break

We tucked away to our cabins for some free time in the late afternoon, slowing down and giving our bodies time to soak in our new home for the next 5 days. For our first yoga practice of the retreat, Ally Maz took us through a gentle flow, allowing us to move through stiffness and create a safe space where everyone felt comfortable and loved. After practice, the girls shared what feeling safe means to them. "Calm. Refreshed. Releasing judgement." One girl shared "It feels like still water in my stomach". The evening ended with a walk down to the water to watch the sunset, and a dinner of comforting curry and apple crumble.

girlvana spring break retreat

When we come together at this time of year—where we're emerging from the darkness of winter, and coming into a renewal of nature and ourselves—transformation occurs on every level. And in the days that follow, we'll see our layers peel back, our expression be brightened, and so much of who we are surface. And that is the magic of spring break.