Spring Break Retreat ’16: Letters to Each Other



We awoke to a cloudy day and a delicious breakfast of pancakes, berry compote, fresh greek yogurt and our now favourite breakfast sausages. We headed into the yoga space for our last practice together. There really is something indescribable about doing yoga with 15 people in one room who have shared stories, secrets, tears and laughter over the course of a week.

girlvana yoga retreat

Before we began moving we spoke about what we would do if we were unafraid. We declared what and who we would be if we could move through our fear. We dreamt about the possibilities life has to offer and considered that the only thing stopping us was ourselves. When we hit our mats, we moved and danced in sync as our breath synchronized as one giant pulse. As we lay in savasana, Carly sang to us sweetly with her guitar and her most powerful and intoxicating voice. 

The afternoon took us to the South end of the island to a white seashell beach called Montague Harbour. Some of us brave enough to run in, others thought selfies with a tipi back drop would be better. We foraged through the forest to gather what would make our crowns of adornment for the evening's closing ceremony. With a quick stop to Galiano Soap Works for inticing body creams, smelly soaps and delicious essential oils, we were on our way to to craft. 

girlvana yoga retreat

Our last dinner was lasagne and garlic bread: only the best for Rachel's 18th birthday and Ella's 14th! We rehearsed our JB rendition of LOVE YOURSELF with words that fit our time here at Bodega Ridge. After a performance for the staff (a tradition that will never die), we heard a couple other performances including a freestyle rap with Delaney and Ash at the helm.

Then, the kicker: we read letters we had written each other through out the week. We drenched our hearts in words of love, wisdom and gratitude. We saw ourselves the way others see us. We cried for the people we are becoming, the people we already are. We wept at the feeling of others seeing our true selves and for acknowledging us for our light. Over candlelight and teary eyes, we hugged and laughed ourselves into the night. We were met by a roaring bonfire, a few more acoustic renditions of our favourite songs and the incredible feeling of belonging. 

May we never forget the way we took deep breaths in unison; the way the top if the mountain felt; the way our tears stained the letters of hope and gratitude. May we always remember that vulnerability is a super power, our emotions are guides into our souls and that we are never, ever alone. What we have shared is with us forever, a sacred bond no one can ever take away.

The world needs us to be us. We are not coincidences, we are not mistakes. We are meant to be. We are the next generation of women changing the world. We do this through loving ourselves, honouring our bodies, listening deeply and allowing ourselves to express our gifts freely.


Cover photo: @recipesforselflove