Writers Club: June


It's hard to believe, but we are almost halfway through 2018 already. Rather than wait until NYE to reflect back on how far we've come, we're taking a moment now, to pause, consider and celebrate where we're at. This month's journal prompt: what was planted in the darkness of winter, that's now in full bloom? What is flourishing in your life RN? 

Maybe it's not immediately obvious, but the best revelations rarely are. Take a second to smell the flowers, and honour what you've created so far this year. However you like to journal; stream of consciousness, poetry, point-form, stories, drawings, etc, just get it on paper. Something external to you; a reminder of how real all your feelings and thoughts are.

If you want to submit your piece, you can either click the button below (if you have it typed out), or simply take a photo of it and email it to info@girlvanayoga.com—just make sure we can zoom in and read/see it all. You choose whether you want author cred, or if you simply want to submit anonymously; just be sure to send it through before June 30. Next month, new topic. 

Photography by Molly Schikosky.