To Be Experienced, Not Just Known


Crisp air mixed with the subtle intricacy of salt.  A once empty bench now overflowing with silently nervous, but outwardly ambitious girls.  Hoping for the next five days to grant them different things.

Some wishing for an escape from the life at home.  Some wanting the true experience of connection. Others, being signed up by family, but willing to come along for the ride.

16 strangers, soon to become a sisterhood.  Anchored deep in a week of emotion, laughter, nature, and yoga.  Far more than just yoga and talk, Girlvana is something to be experienced, not just known.

The ferry ride served as a place to nourish new friendships.  Overflowing with luggage and love, each girl was beginning their journey at Girlvana.

Lunch, followed by a few hours to take space.  Coming back together at 4PM, an opening ceremony and many truths later, yoga had begun.  For some, it was their second time embracing yoga, while for others the practice was a long awaited return.

Ally spoke about letting go of our own limits: flexibility, knowledge, self-consciousness.  Instead, allowing our breathe to sweep through our bodies and cleanse built up energies.

Time seemed to pass as if stuck and hurried.  Laughter held on for what felt like an eternity and other moments were fleeting.  Each holding space and creating a picture in the mosaic of Girlvana.

As Ashley said, the group was already adopting the beautiful opportunity at Bodega.  Many people spoke about the ease and comfort they felt. In a room with strangers from different corners of the world, and yet together the feeling of home was never more evident.

Only the first day of five, but the start of a lifelong treasure.