ISO: Girlvana Communications Volunteer


Exciting times over here at Girlvana Yoga! We've just wrapped our Summer Retreat (okay, it was like a week ago, but we are still rebuilding, after having to say HAGS to all the amazing young womxn who came). This last retreat blew our minds and opened our hearts wide open to how important this work is. We are coming back feeling invigorated, inspired and lit up for the next chapter of Girlvana. We've decided it's time to level up, and expand our (small but mighty) team—so here we are, hiring a Girlvana Communications Volunteer! Interested? Read on, my friend: 

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Girlvana Volunteer Position:

The deets: 

  • This is a volunteer position. We are looking for someone who is wanting to buff up their resume and learn about a small business like ours.
  • The length of the position is negotiable, and will depend on the availability of the successful applicant. Minimum 4 months, so we can establish a smooth working relationship and actually get some rad stuff done! But understand it won't be forever, as you'll learn, grow, expand and want to spread your wings! 
  • You can be based anywhere in the world. Meetings will be done over the phone/FaceTime.
  • Duties would include, well, kind of anything and everything.  Some examples include: digital marketing (IG, Pinterest, our online journal), event support, database organization, communication support, photoshoot support, inventory management, and dreaming up the future of Girlvana with us.
  • Hours would range depending on what we have going on that week, but the commitment would be anything from 3-5 hours per week.
  • This is the first of it's kind, so we will be learning together exactly what this role looks like. 

Who we are looking for: 

  • A self-identified female, age 15-22.
  • Someone passionate about yoga and meditation (we don't care if you can do a headstand, but we care that yoga/meditation is part of your mental health practice). 
  • Someone passionate about body positivity, intersectional feminism, and supporting teen girls through all the BS the world throws at them.

Must haves: 

  • Self-starter and highly motivated. Happy to run with ideas, try new things, fail and try again.
  • Responsible, flexible, hard-working and committed to the mission of Girlvana Yoga
  • Excellent organization skills and attention to detail
  • Great written and oral communication skills. 
  • A computer and phone
  • Social media skills
  • A flare for copy writing

Nice to haves: 

  • Some minor graphic design skills, like you can create something cool with an app on your phone, vibe
  • Experience using Mail Chimp, Squarespace, Instagram, Pinterest, and VSCO


*** Please note that priority will be given to WOC or other marginalized communities in application for this role.


Some FAQs: 

Will this pay my bills? No. This is an unpaid volunteer role. This is an opportunity to learn how our business works, gain valuable resume experience, learn from our team, and contribute to a brand you care about deeply. You'll be mentored by our team and have the space and platform to try new things and learn new skills. If the successful applicant is interested in attending events, joining a retreat or taking a training with Girlvana, we are able to offer scholarships to attend, at cost.

Tell me a little more about the team: This role would be working closely with and learning from, our Digital Marketing Manager, as well as our General Manager and touching base with our founder as well.

Can I use this for university/college/high school credit? Maybe! If your school is open to this, we are happy to fill out whatever forms you need us to, to make it happen! 

The deadline to apply for this position is Aug 15, 2018. To apply, fill out the form below, and send any additional attachments that you want us to see to


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