Writers Club: August

girlvana yoga and meditation for teen girls

Where are you from? It's a loaded question. You're from the earth, rocks, sea, trees and sky. You're from your family, your mother, or the people who raised you. You're from the place you grew up, your hometown— the people, the attitudes and the energy there, it's in your bones and in your heart. Whether that place is your comfort, or showed you what you don't want, there no denying how the place you grew up can shape you. 

This month's journaling prompt is a call to write a letter to the town or community you grew up in. You decide if it's a break up letter, a love letter, or maybe just something in between; recognition of a season of your life lived— the pain, joy and lessons.

Send through your journal pieces and we will share them with our online Girlvana community.  If you want to submit your piece, you can either click the button below (if you have it typed out), or simply take a photo of it and email it to digital@girlvanayoga.com—just make sure we can zoom in and read/see it all. You choose whether you want author cred, or if you simply want to submit anonymously. Just be sure to send it through before Aug 31. Next month, fresh prompt.


girlvana yoga and meditation for teen girls

A piece written by a dear Girlvana girl:

Dear Penticton,

I am not who you think you know. I am broken alone in my room when you sleep or walk home drunkenly giggling. When I listen to the sounds of 3am all I want to do is leave, because you don’t know me. You haven’t understood me since I was just a child with innocence pouring out of me. You corrupted me, but you are not me. I have found myself when I am apart from you, I can live with ease without you breathing down my neck. You don’t know me, but you don’t need to because I have found who I need to be without you. You do not define me. Even though I have grown up with you, you are not my home. Because I won’t let myself be unknown anymore. I am soft but bold. I am sensitive but brave. I am creative and lazy and I care so damn much. I won’t let myself be unknown again.