Honouring My Body: Moon Cycles 


The more we honour our bodies, our experiences, our feelings, the deeper we respect and care for ourselves. The female cycle is profound; many cultures have honoured the moon cycle, but in the world we live in, we are often taught that it’s something insignificant, something to just deal with and get on with things, or worse yet, something to be ashamed of. Well, we’re over the stigma. It’s time we celebrated our bodies for the miracle they are and learned to truly experience and grow from each phase and each cycle. This simple shift of our mentality around our periods, scheduling our activities accordingly, or just generally being more understanding of ourselves is a revolutionary act of reclaiming our femininity. It’s intuitive to listen to our body’s natural rhythm, as it ebbs and flows, but we have to re-teach ourselves. In? Cool. 

The Phases

SPRING (aka our follicular phase): This is the phase of clarity, getting things done, starting something new, making decisions, or solving problems. Plan an evening with friends, and practice a flow class.

SUMMER (aka our ovulation phase): This is the crop top szn of our emotions. We are confident, feel powerful, and find it easier to express ourselves. Time to dance, practice a power yoga class, be out in the world and take risks. 

AUTUMN (aka our luteal phase): Your body and mind has an innate need for rest and relaxation during this phase. Time to slow way down, schedule solo time, feel your feelings. Duvet it up, eat nourishing comfort foods, read, get to bed earlier, sleep in later, and feel zero guilt about any of the above. Maybe mix in a restorative yoga class. 

WINTER  (aka our period): In this phase our energy is the lowest. You might feel more introverted and introspective; all of the intro’s. This is the perfect time to rest, journal, take baths, be soft, practice breath work and be easy with yourself.

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