Writers Club: April


This month's journaling prompt is a reintroduction letter to the world, yourself or someone else. It's time to declare who you are today; not how people used to know you, or think of you.

You've stretched beyond any box people have put you in; you've outgrown those limits. Your identity, your being, it has evolved, but sometimes it takes others longer to catch up to the changes. 

Consider it a spring cleaning of your identity: clearing out your emotional closet, pulling out each opinion, experience, attitude and individuality, examining it and deciding if it's landing in the keep or go pile.

Growth requires so much of a person, but the best part is when you get to take what you've grown into, water it, nurture it and play it some Beyonce—('This Is Us' reference anyone?). 

Maybe it's a call just to sit with your letter, or maybe it's a call to share. If you want to submit your piece, you can either click the button below (if you have it typed out), or simply take a photo of it and email it to info@girlvanayoga.com—just make sure we can zoom in and read/see it all. You choose whether you want author cred, or if you simply want to submit anonymously; just be sure to send it through before Apr 30. Next month, new topic.