Inner Flame Meditation


written by one of our Girlvana girls, Niko 

You can lead a group of friends through this, or simply read it before you close your eyes, set an alarm on your phone, and don't open your eyes until the alarm sounds. 

Photo:  Pinterest


Find a comfortable seat. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths, settling in here.


Take three more breaths, now turn your attention inward and start to visualize your inner flame. Is it big or small? What colour is it? Does it have multiple colours?


As you inhale, see the flame grow and as you exhale, see it shrink.

Your inner fire, like normal fire, needs three things in order to thrive. It needs oxygen, fuel and a spark.

The oxygen represents sleep, drinking tea, petting dogs; the little things you need to do to keep you at your best.

The fuel is the essence of who you are. Are you living your truest self, or trying to be someone else? The universe made you the way you are to share your unique energy with the world.

The spark is passion, love and inspiration. It’s what motivates you to keep going.

Have you been listening to what your inner flame is telling you? If you take the time to listen, it will tell you what it needs. If it’s out of balance, your fire could be too big and burn you, or if it’s too small it can go out.

Place your hands at heart centre to draw energy inward, and let’s take a minute to reflect. 


Thank you for being open to this meditation.