Your Vulnerability Is Your Super Power


"When I started to tell people who I was then I could really connect with people on a deeper level."

Last summer, founder of Girlvana, Alex Mazerolle, traveled to Wales to speak at the 2017 Teen DO Lectures. She spoke about her experience of a disconnect with her body, mind and spirit, the power of vulnerability and realness, and finding her truth and her calling. 

Alex is writing a Girlvana book, (!!!). Stay tuned for all the details about when it's coming out, and where you can find it. And because we know it's hard to wait, here's a little teaser:

The Girlvana Guidelines for Living A meaningful Life: 

  1. Tell the truth about who you are
  2. Your vulnerability is your superpower 
  3. All this pain is not for nothing
  4. There is a sanctuary inside of you, go there to find your answer
  5. Trust your gut, it is always right
  6. "If you have to fold to fit it, it aint right"—Yrsa Daley-Ward