A Considered Scroll: Volume One


Mindlessly scrolling through our phones is an easy trap to get caught in. It's usually done in times that should otherwise be sacred; time for yourself, with yourself, to dream, write, move, or just be. We get caught up in it too—all. the. time. We thought we would round up a few of our favourite things on the internet at the moment, and create a space here, to come to when you find your scroll less than inspiring. We present, A Considered Scroll: Vol 1. Please add any interesting articles/videos/etc that you want to share with this community in the comments.


‘I Feel Pretty’ and the Rise of Beauty-Standard Denialism

The NY Times

"The movie suggests that the only thing holding back regular-looking women is their belief that looking regular holds them back at all. That attitude puts the onus on individual women to improve their self-esteem instead of criticizing societal beauty standards writ large. The reality is that expectations for female appearances have never been higher. It’s just become taboo to admit that."


Hijabs and Hostels: Female Muslim Travel Bloggers Defy Bans and Stereotypes

Lenny Letter

"In the age of travel bans and an unprecedented rise of Islamophobia, a growing number of Muslim women are claiming the world for themselves and blogging about it too."


Illustrated Daily Affirmations

Lenny Letter (we're big fans)

Get lost in some quirky and beautiful images and empowering words.


What the Pit in Your Stomach Is Trying to Tell You

Man Repeller

"The idea of “story” has been on my mind a lot lately — particularly the role it plays when I’m faced with a big decision. What do I really want? Which part of me is wrapping myself in the comfort of a story instead of reality? The internal observation required to make a grounded decision can sometimes feel much harder than making the decision itself. I’ve spent years resenting the idea of a “gut instinct” for that very reason. How the hell am I supposed to listen to something that’s nearly indistinguishable from my fear instinct or my impulsive instinct?"



Reyna Biddy's Tumblr

Filled with empowering images and poetry; a treat for the eyes and the heart. 



Cover image: @florencegiven