Like a River: A Guided Meditation


"Go ahead and take a seat. In any way that feels easy. Get cozy in your own body and let cozy turn to comfortable, and just start to breath. In a simple and undirected way you just take inhales that feel good and full, followed by exhales that are easy and soft. You see this practice, whether it be yoga or meditation or simply breath sometimes reminds me of wading into a river. It feels familiar so you hope it will be the same but everyday it is slightly different. You see the mind believes that the texture of the sand underneath your feet feels familiar and the tree across the way makes you feel as though you're home. But you see, as you stand in the river of your thoughts, they might feel as though they are in constant flux. Breath a little slower, let every breathe take a little longer, and feel fuller in your body. And then you try it again."

A beautiful guided meditation by Steph Winsor. We'll let her do the talkin'. Get comfy, hit play below and close your eyes.